About Me

Hi friends! 

It’s Hannah, the cake face behind Storytale Cakes. I’ll be sharing blogs of my adventures so be sure to save the blog page to your favorites. To begin, a little bit about me.

I started baking back in High School. They were your basic everyday cakes such as Banana and Carrot Cakes. Following High School graduation, I attended University and studied a Commerce Degree which I had ZERO passion for. So to keep myself sane, I volunteered to teach kids at a Local Charity Centre as I enjoyed teaching. I occasionally bribed the kids into doing their homework by making them cupcakes (boy did that work well). Through the enjoyment of baking and bringing smiles to peoples' faces, I began baking cakes and cupcakes for other events such as anniversaries and birthdays. At this point, I realised baking was my true PASSION. I fell in love and grew a massive obsession. My days were spent googling images of cupcakes and cakes. Literally everything started to revolve around cakes for me #cakeception. I would look at a building and picture turning it into a cake (yes it was that intense of an obsession).

Inevitably, I made a Facebook Page to share my creations and I am delighted it has become my job. Grateful for the opportunities and everyone's support, I wanted to share this with others. I was lucky enough to fulfill this through invitations to Cake Shows and Stores where I got to teach many people and learn new things. To extend my reach, I created a channel on Youtube! You can subscribe to my channel for free cake decorating tutorials: www.youtube.com/storytalecakes. 

It is such a magical feeling to be able to help others one cake at a time and I hope you all can enjoy this journey with me. Also I do not bite (unless it's cake) so feel free to send me any questions. I'd love to help out and stay in touch. I look forward to blogging more content for you all. Bye for now!

Hannah xx